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DOK offers thoughtful design from our chief watch designer Christian Mikkelsen. With a total case thickness of just 4,9mm this watch enters the watch history books as one of the slimmest on the market. Rado’s thinnest watch is the same thickness, but comes with a completely different price tag. It is an entirely new design construction. An ultra-thin case, slim bezels and sapphire glass check all the boxes of a high quality modern timepiece.
DOK arrives on the scene with five unique styles: Steel, Night, Azure, Walnut and Gold-Bi. All feature a 34mm case in either rose gold, gold or stainless steel.


When we thought about creating an ultra-thin watch we wanted to push the notion of thinnest,” says Christian Mikkelsen, Obaku’s watch designer. That’s why Papir is only 4.9mm thin.
Obaku has turned traditional watchmaking upside down. To achieve one of the slimmest and lightest watch-es you will ever wear, we fused the watch case and strap into one. This way, Obaku eliminated the need for traditional lugs. As if that wasn’t enough, each Papir comes with highly scratch resistant sapphire glass to underscore the durability of its thin body.


We couldn’t stop ourselves from creating a smaller iteration of the larger Papir. We named it ‘Papir Lille.’ It retains the impressive ultra-thin body as its larger sibling - only 4.9mm. Although its case is smaller, only 34mm, we packed it with all the innovation. Papir Lille’s straps fuse into the watch case and eliminate the need for traditional lugs. Its cover glass is likewise made out out of sapphire crystal.
Papir Lille will come in 4 bespoke colors - Steel, Rose, Night and Onyx


The concept of light and slim carries over to Papir’s name too. In Danish ‘papir’ means ‘paper.’ The reaction to wearing it is precisely the same. Its lightweight and slender lines blend immediately with your wrist. It feels as if you’re wearing paper.
Papir will be available in a 39mm and 34mm size. The larger of the two will come in four color combinations. They are aptly named: Steel, Shadow, Night and Onyx.


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